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Wake of the Phoenix

Book 1, Artifice of Power Saga

War Hero. Thiefmaster’s apprentice. Traitors. Every title comes with a price.

Arkaen is a gods-damned saint. He sacrificed his childhood innocence fighting for the beleaguered rebellion in a civil war and relinquished a comfortable life with the man he loves to reclaim his place as high lord from corrupt nobles. Now, a hidden enemy is manipulating his lower lords into talk of rebellion, including the powerful Rogue Baron who is slowly swaying the city into questioning every move Arkaen makes.

With the help of his near-omniscient lover’s gift of foresight, Arkaen finds a potential ally in Niamsha, a reluctant thief trying to pay for her brother’s education. But Niamsha owes an insurmountable debt to the mysterious leader of her thieves guild and failing to pay means death—for her entire family. When her guild leader demands she join forces with the Rogue Baron himself, she finds herself caught in a political battle beyond her skills. Torn between protecting her family and following her conscience, Niamsha doesn’t know who to trust.

If Arkaen can win Niamsha’s loyalty, he might just prevent a second civil war and the destruction of everything he fought to protect. Or he might get them all killed.

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Tales of the Laisian Empire

Volume 1

Before there was a Lord Phoenix, the Laisian Empire suffered.

This collection includes a series of stories about events before the beginning of Wake of the Phoenix. Note: This is not a replacement for a full prequel novel, only a teaser of events that directly impacted the specific story in Wake of the Phoenix. Coming October 18, 2022.

For an introduction to the world of the Artifice of Power Saga, see the links some original fiction below: