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Wake of the Phoenix Updates: Events, Pricing, and Audiobooks

Due to some family events I am unable to release my usual post today, but I want to take a few minutes to share some updates anyway. First, the conference was a success! It was great getting a chance to meet readers and talk about my book with them, and several people were interested in […]

To Catch a Prince

High Lord Johannus Sentarsin scowled at his court, their fidgeting and the glitter of their finery grating on his nerves. Spineless sycophants, the lot of them, milling around his marble-floored great hall waiting for a chance to snatch an advantage from their peers. And now they cast terrified glances at his throne, judging how likely […]

Release Day!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s release day for Wake of the Phoenix! I’ll admit this feels like a day that both came way too soon and took way too long. I’m very excited to share this world with other readers and find the audience that loves it as much as I do. A very special thanks […]

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