Stories and Streaming

Hi again, all. I said in my last post, about a week ago, that I would give an update when I had a newsletter available. That sign-up is available now on the main page, and I’ll add a signup to this post, also. I delayed the actual update just a bit in order to make sure I had some other plans finalized and announce everything all at once. Here’s the status of the story releases I used to do here, as well as my plans for the Hotplots & Synonym Roles channel.

The Stories

I’ll be using two platforms to try and build more readership for my serialized stories, Laterpress and Wattpad. Laterpress is a website built after the style of Kindle Vella but that doesn’t seem to have the same restrictions on content cross-posting that Vella does. I wanted a platform with a built-in audience, which Laterpress is a little bit worse at since it’s new, but it’s the best location I found where I can easily monetize my writing without being forced to put it all behind a paywall and remove a bunch of content from this web site. Wattpad has a massive built-in audience, but I’m concerned they may want faster-paced writing than I offer. We’ll see if I’m wrong. On both of those platforms I’ll begin by reposting the Tales of the Laisian Empire stories from here, though I’ll post them in their first-edit forms, which makes them a bit longer. As a result, they’ll all be broken into two or three parts and I’ll post them twice a week. Feel free to take a look at those updated versions on either platform.

For content here, I really wanted to maintain this location as a place where I can put some early drafts of stories, as well. I mainly stopped because I ran out of new content to supplement my existing books and wasn’t able to keep up with the demand of writing and posting a new story every couple weeks. To address that concern and revitalize this space, I’ll be pulling an old draft of the prequel to Wake of the Phoenix and editing that into a serialized version, releasing that on this platform. When I run out of Tales of the Laisian Empire stories for Laterpress and Wattpad, I’ll be cross-posting those, as well. That means that reading this blog will be an advance look at future installments from Laterpress and Wattpad, which gives those who support this blog something special for their dedication. The draft of the prequel novel is 80k words and I’ll be turning it into a serialized story at 1500 words per post, so I expect to have content for quite some time from that source material. Those posts will go up once a week.

The YouTube Channel

I’m very excited by the plans I have for my YouTube channel, HotPlots & Synonym Roles. I already have over ten video concepts and am beginning my recording today. I am concerned, however, that I might run out of content to edit while I talk about the topics I have on hand. I love to hear from readers what they want to see in that space. Part of the goal is to demonstrate editing styles and techniques in order to build my editing services so I can keep writing and publishing the stories I love. But another part of it is to give readers real access to my writing process and let them see what my stories go through to become their best selves for release. As a writer, I’m probably a bit too focused on what would help me and my writer connections write better. Please let me know what you, as a reader, really want to hear about in my videos!

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